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Bigwigs - Full Live Set (PL)

Tomek (Tromesa/Bigwigs, PL)
Carsten (Hell, NO)

When: Saturday 24. May 2003, 2100-????
Where: Hausmania, Hausmannsgate 32, Oslo, Norway
Price: NOK 130 / NOK 150 after 2300

Deco / Visuals from Limboland & Failure

Contact person is Katrine

The story of the Bigwigs project dates back to the summer of 1999 when three Polish producers (T. Roehr, J. Przezdziecki & G. Magnuszewski) got together to try and inject new life into the formulaic and quite stale trance scene.

The idea for the name came about from the totally closed and hermetic scenes that develop around each label or group of people in the trance scene. It's funny how only a very small group of people release their music on certain labels. These are 'the bigwigs of trance'. The idea for using this name for our project was obviously a highly cynical one. However, we soon realised that there was a niche to be filled in the trance scene and our sound was definitely going to fill it. Straight from the start there was a lot of interest in the music that was being created by us. It seemed that quite a lot of labels were interested in our non-formulaic and innovative approach to trance music.

It wasn't long before a certain group of people realised that there was a lot of potential and possibilities to evolve our sound further. These of course were the boys at MPDQX who having heard only a few of our productions offered us an album deal. It was quite an exciting time for us. Finally we had the serious motivation that we needed to get going with our new project.

Although we had only released tracks on a few (some might say high profile) trance compilations we started getting bookings to play live. Since we are all trained musicians in one form or another, it was quite a challenge for us to develop a live set where 3 people could be busy on stage. From the beginning we agreed that if we were to play live then it would truly have to be something more than just putting on a DAT, CD or plugging in the stereo output on a laptop computer, which unfortunately a vast majority of trance artists do. We felt that this approach to playing live was really a kind of scam for the audience and promoters that book such acts. It seems that once again we had the right idea. We got invited to play at parties in places such as Japan, Australia, South Africa and Europe. And it was thanks to our honest and open approach to what we represent that lead to people booking us again and audiences to appreciate the difference between a REAL live set and live jumping on stage to a DAT.

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