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PEARLS & PIXIES II - Parvati Records & Phreex Networx


Parvati Records


05.07.2010 13:40


Hello !

our new v/a PEARLS & PIXIES II is now in the printing process.
You can have a look at the front cover pic here:

We will upload soon short samples of each track.

Release date will be at Full Moon Festival where we will have
our own stage celebrating the 10th year Anniversary of the Label.
The cd will also be available at our webshob where we are preparing
a page for it with the usual paypal buying system.

Tracklist :

01. Speakerhuggers (feat. Zoolog) - Trailerpark Jam 146 bpm
by Morten Würtz & Greg Farley (feat. Mikkel Jais Pedersen)

02. Scaltinof - Splash 148 bpm
by Mizuki Nishihata

03. Drone Bixie - Bullit 148 bpm
by Christian Kaas Andersen

04. Gu - Micro Window 148 bpm
by Takumi Yamaguchi

05. Psycho Wizard - Catharsis 149 bpm
by Shintaro Tatsumi

06. Kerlivin & Koala - Matsuri Dance 148 bpm
by Liu Lung Chiang & Wu Yung Hsiang

07. Farebi Jalebi - Gins 148 bpm
by Adip Butalia

08. Arjuna & Seb - Freedom Overdose 150 bpm
by Arjuna Musicco & Seb Pellerin

09. Quaint Insects - Magical Mush Room 150 bpm
by Shohei Matsuura & Teruki Fujii

10. Baba Yaga - Cassini Talks 148 bpm
by Koba Jukubaskas

Mastered by Morten Würtz (Onkel Dunkel)

Artwork by Betina Dreier

Compiled by Giuseppe & Ken

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