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Party at Hausmania, Oslo, Norway, Saturday 17. september 2005...

Tron [Liquid Records - Mexico]
Khopat [Kagdila Records, Spectral Records - Portugal]

Spinners: (dj)
Samoht [Synaptic Torment]
Noma vs K. Luke [Spiral Trax, Sweden]
Christer [Shiva Space Technology, Mechanik Records]

Saturday 17. september 2005 [from 22.00]
Hausmania [Lower Hall, Hausmannsgt. 34]
Cc. 100 NOK before 24 (150, NOK after 24)

After a long break with separate projects, Katrine and Christer have decided to
put their heads together and finally hold the 10th Limboland. It has been 8
parties and 1 festival since the beginning in 2002, every one burned itself
into memory with a big smile.

We have collected a nice group of artists for this party. We are proud to have
the two live acts Tron and Khopat up here to Norway, both great talents which
are on the brink to break through on the international psy-scene. Look out for
these two in the years to come?

This will also be a little farewell party for Christer before he leaves for
Mexico, Brazil and the US for an extensive tour with Lemurians and PhasePhour.
So pop by, hugs are give freely? ?

Hugs smiles from Katrine and Christer

.:: Bio: Tron [Liquid Records - Mexico] ::..
Patricio Tron produces his unique style of melodic psychedelic trance from
Mexico...not just morning trance, but hard hitting, funky, and great on the
dancefloor!. Born in 1981 in Mexico City, Tron has a long history of classical
quitar and Cuban music, which has given him a more intimate relationship with
music. Tron began producing in 2000. He started with a curiosity of how music
was produced electronically. His first contact with psychedelic trance was in
high school, never having heard techno or dance music before, and from there he
knew that?s what he was meant to produce. Only after a few months of production
did he grasp how it was to be made. He started mixing and got a clearer idea of
how everything worked, he started understanding the music and it's structure,
and knew he had to make it on his own to bring out sounds he had in his head.
After a good productive year, the beginning of 2002 he started playing out at
parties and clubs. That is what pushed him to make psytrance of his own. Seeing
all the people, jumping, and dancing from a sound and vibe that he created....
that?s the reason behind it all.

Near the end of 2002 he was producing minimal psytrance, and even some
progressive, but the sound he wanted his music to have was something different.
He worked with Australian artist Hikuri, and Mexicos Javier Calzada (Mindelight)
mostly, and then, with the advancements in music technology and new software, he
began to delve into a much more mature sound, creating something a bit more
complex and unpredictable. Now he has played out live in Mexico, at festivals
with attendance of 5000, as well as in Switzerland... and is becoming a regular
name in the UK trance scene, as he spends his summers there playing just about
every weekend. He has gigs lined up through the end of the year including
Wickerman Festival in Scotland, Glade Festival in UK, Zurich Street Parade, and
SolarEclipse05 in Tunisia. His UK debut at Synergy Project was brilliant, as he
played to well upwards of 2000 people. Also, having 2 releases on compilations
from Magma Records (Italy), and Solarsiv (Italy), and many more releases in
waiting with labels such as Genetic Ohms (Mex), AP Records(Ger), Millenium
Records(Ger), and Mexicos Maia Records. Aside from all that he also is close to
completing his debut album to be released later this year. Tron has definately
become a much sought after artist. Tron has been picked up by one of UKs new
labels Liquid Records, run by the well known and established Liquid Connective
Crew in London, as an exclusive Liquid Records artist.

His plans so far for the upcoming year are regular live appearances throughout
Mexico, Switzerland, and the UK. He is in England for the summer to complete
his album, and collaborate with several of the top Psytrance artists in the UK,
as well as with Peak Records label co-owner Ajja S.F. Leu. He also is involved
in collaborations such as Plug, Wireless Receivers, and Hi-Fi? each having a
distinct sound ranging from minimal progressive to full on. If there is a
influence in his style, it is more from an acoustical background, something
between metal, jazz and baroque music. Early Trance influences would be Diablo
aka Psysex, Bitmonx, The Antidote, Reefer Decree....and more recent artists
such as Sub6, Protoculture, Pop Stream, and Point. You can hear his variety of
styles and tastes in his production. You can find psychedelic, funky, melodic,
and hard hitting? all wrapped up into one. His sound is morphing and changing
and he is becoming one of the hottest morning set artists in the trance scene.

.:: Bio: Khopat [Kagdila Records, Spectral Records - Portugal] ::..
Vasco Miguel, born in Portugal in 1983, is the man behind Khopat. Since he was a
kid music has been a big part of his life. He has played the piano for over 8
yeas and at the age of 13 he discovers electronic music. Since then he searched
for several genres, till in 1998 he had his first contact with psychedelic
trance. In the year 2000 he takes his first steps in the production side and in
2002 he creates the Khopat project. Kagdila records from the USA asked him to
join their label and the first release came in June 2004.

Khopat tries to make a symbiotic union between some old school influences and
powerful full-on trance.With hard kicks, dynamic basslines, crazy effects and
true psychedelic melodies his music tries to reach mind and body, creating a
perfect psychedelic trip for the ones who hear it! During his short but very
promising career up to now he already played at parties alongside artists such
as Ultravoice, Dynamic, Suria, Audialize and Menog.

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Stenge/senge tid
- Samohtto - 14.09.2005 14:27
Hvor lenge kommer det til å være lyd i annlegget? Like nedtur hver gang det skrus av kl. 6 !
Bar eller ikke bar?
- Samohtto - 14.09.2005 14:23
Blir det bar eller tar vi med drikke sjæl?

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