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New compilation out on Organic Records...

Organic Records based in the UK are back with a new trance compilation, this time compiled by DJ Andrew Humphries, most known as Voice Of Cod. As usual we get a pretty cool, colourful cover art from Organic.

Invasion From Hyperspace (Organic Records) 2005 (ORGCD009)

1. OOOD – Free Range
2. Jirah – Paradise
3. Benefactor – Modus Operandi
4. Pop Stream & Backspace – Oom Da (Warp Mix)
5. Safi Connection – Hello Houston (Chris Organic Remix)
6. Anax – Music
7. Synthia System – Whammy Mammy
8. Voice Of Cod Vs. Chris Organic – Unusual Illusion
9. 2pm – Catz

First out is a track by OOOD which is a quite large group that has been involved in the trance scene from the beginning. They will release their third album later this year. Here we surprisingly get a guitar trance track. I’m a bit fed up of guitar full on these days, and this is not exactly my cup of tea either, but they manages to make it sound a little bit more interesting with their melodies. Track 2 is a by Jirah (Tim McCall) who probably deliveres one of his last trance tracks on this compilation. He has previously released a quite strong album (Outer Access) on USTA, and takes full on into a slightly different direction with more variation. Here we get a very melodic morning trance track. The melody might get a little bit too fluffy for some, but I find it pretty nice. Let’s hope he continues... Track 3 is a by a collaboration between the label manager Chris Organic and Colin Bennum (OOOD). Here we get some eastern vocal samples and a very melodic morning vibe. Luckily not too fluffy, and I’m sure this one will be played at several morning sets this summer. Nice variation and totally melodic full on. Track 4 is by Pop Stream (Yinon Oved) from Israel who has released an album (Into Orbit) on Phonokol in 2004. Here he gives us a track he has made with a guy called Backspace (Adi Milner). This one goes even more melodic. In my ears way too clubby. Very typical Israeli full on these days.

Track 5 is also by an artist from Israel, Safi Connection (Mishel Bitton), but here we get a remix done by Chris Organic. This one goes a little bit more drifting. I’m not very impressed by Safi Connection these days, but Chris has made it quite interesting. Still, this is not among my favourites on this compilation. Track 6 is by Anax (Dusan Sekic) from Serbia, who has released an album (Not Over Yet) on Kagdila Records in 2004. This one goes a bit darker. Pumping track going towards darkpsy, but with some very light melodies in between. Track 7 is by a new duo called Synthia System (Nick Howdle-Smith & Dan Warburton), which is actually a new project by Error Corrective. Here we get a stumping track with some breaks and a lot of psychedelic sounds. Quite dark, massive full on track, sounding a bit more psychedelic than most other full on being released these days. Track 8 is a collaboration between Andrew Humphries (Voice Of Cod) himself+Colin Bennum and Chris Organic. Voice Of Cod has released some really great tracks on previous compilations and will release an album later this year. It starts with a simple melody and turns into a really fast, intense, massive track. Definately my favourite track on this album. Sort of old school meets modern full on. Nice one. The last track on this compilation is made by a guy called 2pm (Marek Gorski), who is from Poland. This is a very different track going a kind of acid/big beat direction with slower tempo, but with crazy melodies. Interesting finish on the compilation. Actually, it is not the finish. As a track 10, we get some psychedelic, swirling sounds as some kind of bonus.

This compilation sounds a bit different from most other full on being released these days, which makes it quite interesting. Not among my favourite Organic compilations, but hopefully we will hear some of these tracks on various festivals this summer.

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