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Debut album by Chemical Drive out on Utopia Records...

Utopia Records in Israel is out with a new release, this time the debut album by Chemical Drive (Ronen Sahar). He has released several tracks on various compilations on Utopia Records, but also on Spliff Music, Transient and Alchemy Records.

Chemical Drive "Sonic Boom" Utopia Records 2005 (UTPCD10)

1. U-Topia
2. G Shock
3. Sonic Boom (Album Version)
4. System Tooo
5. Orbital Frame
6. Space Fantasy
7. Atomic Drive
8. Brain Freeze
9. Total Acid

As usual from this label, we get a full on album. The first track is a massive melodic track. Pure morning full on going in a very typical Israeli trance direction. Quite clubby, but luckily not too fluffy. Track 2 is a groovy, rolling track with some voice samples and floating vibes. Not much surprises here. Just typical Israeli full on all the way through. This one is a little bit darker and less fluffy. Track 3 has the album title. The original Sonic Boom track was released on a compilation (Interphase) on Alchemy Records last month. Here we get an album version, which he has done with Pop Stream (Inon Ovad) who released an album (Into Orbit) on Spectrum Music last year. This one is very melodic, and way too fluffy for my taste, but it has a pretty cool drift and a little bit different soundpicture. Track 4 is also a bit clubby, but goes a little more deep with less fluffy ingredients. A very pumping track with really jumpy sounds. The melody in this one reminds me a bit of old school goa trance. Pretty cool.

Track 5 goes darker. Quite dramatic, massive soundscapes with weird sounds jumping by. Rolling, massive bassline, several voice samples and dramatic breaks and take offs. Track 6 continues a darker vibe. Still with clubby influences like vocals etc. The melody in this one is pretty cool. Track 7 is a rolling monster. He has made this one together with Atomic Pulse (Tamir Ozana). A massive track, but also here we get some clubby influences. Very melodic full on. Track 8 has a stumping beat. Some of the sounds in this one sounds a bit simple to me. The rest goes a very typical Israeli full on direction. The last track on this album is a track he did with two other guys (Lior Edri & Osher Swissa). This one starts pretty nice with some guitar play (not the annoying kind). The rest of the track goes full on with some kind of rough sounds.

This album is probably among the best albums Utopia Records has released so far. Offcourse there are some really fluffy things happening here, and we get a quite clubby vibe through the entire album, but not as fluffy as some of the other releases on this label. Something for those who want their full on to be very melodic.

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