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Second compilation out on Psytropic Records in Germany...

Psytropic Records based in Germany is allready back with their second compilation, also this time compiled by Chemicus. Their first compilation (Psyinjection) was released earlier this year. Here we get more full on psychedelic trance.

Pyrogenetic (Psytropic Records) 2005 (PTRCD02)

1. PsyNina Between Spheres
2. Thujon Human Imagination
3. SixSense Dancing Alone
4. Ultravoice & Kyo-Log Desert Fly
5. Chromatone XES
6. InterSys & Rhythmic Acid Experiments
7. Elec3 40 Amps
8. Ananda Shake The Movie Start
9. D-Tek Restricted Area (Audio-X Rmx)
10. Dark Nebula Space Weed

First out is a quite fresh new artist called PsyNina (Nina K) who also had a track on the first Psytropic release. This one starts slow and relaxing, with some mystic, chilled vibes. After a couple of minutes, the beat finally starts rolling. Quite groovy, with bubbling, psychedelic sounds above the beat. Sort of dark style, with some German voice samples and floating soundscapes. Track 2 is by Thujon (Simon Schwendener) who has released tracks on Com.Pact and Strichcode. Here we get a groovy, full on track with less variation. Quite massive all the way with some echoing sounds. Track 3 is by SixSense (Benny Damski) from Israel who usually releases tracks on Utopia Records. Here we get a typical Israeli full on track. Quite clubby, with some female voice samples, a pumping bassline and light morning sounds. Pretty cool melodies in this one. Track 4 is a collaboration between Ultravoice (Avi Levi) and Kyo-Log (Leon Gossler), both from Israel. The track we get here is quite intense. A rolling full on track with a few old school influences, but I missed some more variation and creativity in this one. Track 5 is by Chromatone (Lawrence Hoffman) from the United States. Here we get a very groovy sound, but the rest sounds a bit simple to me.

Track 6 is a collaboration between two quite fresh groups, InterSys and Rhythmic Acid from Israel. This one starts with a relaxing, floating vibe, piano and a voice sample, before we get thrown into a massive full on bassline again. This track is pretty groovy, but it gets a bit too fluffy for my taste, especially the drug samples. Track 7 is by Elec3 (Igal Magitman & Roman Brisker) from Israel who has released tracks on many different full on labels lately. Here we get a typical Israeli full on track again. Some voice samples and some fluffy sounds. Very clubby style. Track 8 is by Ananda Shake (Osher Swissa & Lior Edri) from Israel who released their debut album (Emotion In Motion) on Utopia Records earlier this year. Here we get a pumping track with a quite dramatic vibe above. After a while, we get a fluffy morning melody which lightens things up. One of the best tracks on this compilation in my opinion. Track 9 is a track originally made by D-Tek (David Durst) from Mexico, but here we get a remix done by Audio-X (Thiago Peduti & Gabriel Rocco), which is a fresh duo from from Brazil. They throw us into much more intense and dark soundscapes. Totally full on, with almost nagging sounds. Dj Chemicus finishes this compilation with a darkpsy track done by Dark Nebula (Richard Rutter) from Australia. Dark vibe, with intense sounds all the way, but more melodic and more variation than I am used to hear from this guy.

As last time, we get mostly full on tracks from Israel here, of the kind that gets released a lot these days. If you love the Israeli full on sound these days, you might check it out.

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