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Review by PKS
Fantastic debut album by Cell out on Indica Music...

Cell (Alexandre Scheffer) from France has been a fresh breath on many chill out compilations lately, on various labels such as Ultimae, Candyflip, Peak and Hoots Recordings. Now he is finally out with his debut album on the Italian Indica Music, which is the chilled division of Neurobiotic Records.

Cell "Phonic Peace" Indica Music 2005 (INDICD02)

1. Sensitiví Garden
2. Mister Ayatih
3. Zaz
4. Magic Karma
5. Soon
6. Lord Of Silk
7. White Call
8. Phonic Peace For Tibet
9. Orange

The first track is a beautiful, mystic start on the album. Floating, totally deep vibe from beginning to end. Some ethnic voices and drums too. Really nice ambient track. Track 2 is the longest track on the album. This one continues the deep floating vibes, but with more melody and ethnic vocals. It builds up a little, with relaxing beats, more vocals etc. Really beautiful! Track 3 starts with a nice female, Indian vocal that some of you probably have heard in several other tracks. The rest goes very ethnic, with totally Indian vibe. This track was also released as an opening of the first compilation release (Namaskar) on Indica Music. Track 4 is another floating masterpiece. Definately one of my many favourite tracks on this album. Sort of melancholic Indian vocals, with tribal drums and sitar in between.

Track 5 goes even deeper and more mystic. Here we get some down tempo beats and a quite dark sound picture. Still, totally relaxing, with flute sounds, ethnic voices etc. Track 6 has the sound of water, an owl, flute, tribal drums and deep, floating vibes. Some of you will probably recognise the flute in this one from other tracks. Very tribal, beautiful track that will do good in the chill out areas this summer. Track 7 takes another direction. This one has a very atmospheric vibe, and it builds up to a stumping trance track. Still it is very relaxing. Chill out you can dance to... Track 8 slows down again, and we get a beautiful floating journey with a really nice, little melody, which Cell has proven several times that he is really good at. The last track on this album is also one of the most beautiful chill out tracks I have heard by this guy. The Indian vocals are melancholic, and we get som breaks and a totally relaxing melody.

This album is really great from beginning to end! Cell is releasing one masterpiece after the other these days, so you should definately look out for more interesting music by this guy in the future. Iím sure these tracks will be played a lot by chill out djís worldwide this summer. Recommended!
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