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Review by PKS
New album out on Soular Records...

Soular Records is out with their fifth release, this time the debut album by Onnomon (Dean Zygoris), based in New York State and Philadelphia, USA.

Onnomon "No Monno" Soular Records 2004 (SRCD05)

1. Virtual God
2. The Hidden Fortress
3. Sleep Machine
4. Dream Maker
5. Communion
6. We Found
7. Son Of Beat Monger
8. Incognito
9. Afterthought

The first track starts with a deep male voice saying something. Then some pretty slow, but stumping beats start pumping. Mystic, psychedelic sounds swirls around the beats during the entire track. A light melody sneaks in too. After a few minutes, we get a little break with a beautiful female voice. Very mystic vibes, and a nice, pretty relaxed start on this album. Track 2 is my favourite track on this album. This one starts with a floating, beautiful vibe. Mystic with some really pleasant sounds. Then we get a few break beats, before a very groovy, totally stumping beat jumps in. You get a very drifting vibe all the way through. Stumping, progressive trance with a bit more psychedelic effects than usual. Nice one. Track 3 gives us a rest. This is a chill out track, with some tribal, down tempo beats, and a weird, psychedelic sound picture. Beautiful and weird at the same time, but it only lasts for a couple of minutes. Track 4 starts pushing beats from the first second. Things go a bit darker and with even more weird sounds and melodies. Quite massive sound picture and things build up. A lot of variation and creativity!

Track 5 starts with a lot of shouting and screaming. It sounds like we are on a concert. Then we get some very tribal rhythms, which go over in a rolling, fat bass line. The sounds jumping in this track sounds very crispy. There could have been some more variation in this one. Track 6 starts with a scary voice telling us something. Some far out, totally weird sounds sneaks around, and then the beat works its way slowly into the track. A pumping, massive track with weird ingredients swirling above. You also get some funny melodies after a while. It reminds me quite a lot of trance from Finland, like Haltya etc. Track 7 goes the full on direction. Here we get a pumping night time track, with quite dark vibes. We get an intense voice in there and some of the sounds are just unbelievable! Again it sounds a bit like Finish trance, or vodka trance as it is also called. Funny for dancing and for home listening. Track 8 starts with a beautiful, floating, mystic vibe again. Then some break beats bring us into the pumping bass line. I like break beats like this above the heavy bass line. Rhythms that will make people shake a little more while stumping on the dance floor. The last track we get on this album goes more stumping again, and things slow down a little. Very playful sounds and beats all the way.

This album has a ton of really psychedelic, playful sounds, which I enjoyed a lot! There could have been some more melodies in there, but hands up for working out all these wonderful sounds. Check it out.
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