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New compilation out on Crystal Matrix Records...

Crystal Matrix Records is already out with their sixth release, this time a compilation called Hi-Tech Pleasures, compiled by dj XP Voodoo. XP is a dj who’s played in most parts of the world, but is most famous for being involved in the parties in Goa for the last ten years or so. I found the cover art on this compilation quite funny. It seems like most psytrancers have all they need on that picture…

Hi-Tech Pleasures (Crystal Matrix Records) 2004 (CMCD06)

1. GMS – I’m Out
2. Pranormal Attack Vs. Paul Taylor Vs. X.P. Voodoo – Mastula
3. Talamasca – Salvian Effect
4. Atomic Pulse – Malakadance/Cover Vers
5. Dali – Planet
6. Psysex – Simply A Machine
7. Tikal – Mission Impossible
8. Sirius Isness – Jugo Verde
9. Void – Addicted

First out is a new track by Growling Mad Scientists (Riktam & Banzi) who keeps pushing out the same full on style as usual. If you have heard GMS before, you have sort of heard this track to. With other words, nothing new, just the usual take offs and heavy GMS sounds which rocks live, but gets boring pretty fast for home listening. Track 2 is an interesting collaboration between Paranormal Attack (Xangaii & Jaime), Paul Taylor and XP. This track also goes the standard full on direction, but has some nice crunchy sounds. Though, I miss some more variation in there. Track 3 is a new track by Talamasca (Cedric Dassule) who released his fourth album on his new label called Mind Control Records earlier this year. The track we get here goes the melodic full on direction. Talamasca do that really well, but has fallen a little bit over to the cheesy side on some of his latest tracks. This track doesn’t sound bad. Quite dark vibe, but the melodies lightens it up. It reminds me a little bit of old school, melodic goa trance. Track 4 came as a big surprise to me. This is actually a track originally made by Transwave (Deedrah & Absolum), but they don’t even mention that in the cover of this CD! Here it says it is made by Atomic Pulse (Tamir Ozana & Yair Bar-On) from Ibiza, but there isn’t much difference from the original version, except for the bass line! A fantastic track and a great opportunity to play this old classic at parties again, but I think they should give some credit to Transwave for this one.

Track 5 is made by Dali (Dalit Eizner), which is an upcoming artist from Israel. He goes the typical full on direction, with some floating, drifting parts in between. Again, it could definitely be more variation and creativity in there. Track 6 is by Psysex (Udi Sternberg & dj Goblin), also from Israel. They bring us to a darker place, with more rough sounds, but also some drifting melodies. Pretty cool, trippy track. Then we get a new track by Tikal (Manuel & Vinsent Berna) from France. They released their fantastic debut album Ritual Cycle on Neurobiotic Records earlier this year, and they have proved that they are really talented. The track we get here is another great track, but not as great as the majority of tracks on their album. Pretty uplifting, with some guitar and a nice drift of psychedelic sounds. You will probably recognise the melody in there, but I can’t remember the name of it at the moment. Track 8 is a new track by Sirius Isness (Davina Elmosino & Max Peterson), which is a couple who also released their debut album this year, called Resolution Of Duality, released on Moon Spirits Records. This is also a pretty good track. Very drifting full on trance, with some massive melodies. The last track we get on this compilation is a new track by Void (Oren Emanuel & Tamir Regev) from Israel. It starts off pretty weird, with some down tempo rhythms and far out sounds. Then it spins a little, and we get thrown into the full on madness again. Somehow, I don’t like the sound of this one, and I think the melody in there sound too simple. After a while it also go over to be a housey pop track!

Here you get a compilation with full on psytrance all the way through. You also get a pretty cool cover art. The Transwave (Atomic Pulse) track is fantastic. The rest is more standard full on trance, which we have heard thousands of times before.
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