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More Israeli trance from Utopia Records...

Utopia Records is back with a new compilation with several new upcoming acts, but also a few already well known in the scene, all from Israel. As usual, we get melodic full on trance.

Timeless (Utopia Records) 2004 (UTPCD-05)

1. Audiotec Tantra
2. Ultravoice Psyde
3. Perplex Cultures
4. Sixsense Tropical Magic
5. Vibe Tribe Albert Balbert
6. Silent Scream Twister
7. Ananda Shake Dream Drop
8. Elec 3 Vs. Toxic Toy New Possibilities
9. Chemical Drive Pause

First out is Audiotec (Miki Damski) who also started the compilation called Pure Imagination Vol. 1 released on Utopia Records earlier this year. This track starts a bit melancholic, before we get thrown into the massive full on drift. Very melodic track that reminds me a bit of old school goa trance, with some nice, trippy melodies. Nice one. Track 2 is by Ultravoice (Avi Levi) who usually releases his music on Com.Pact Records. The track we get here is not on his album called Art Of Voice released earlier this year. As usual he gives us a really groovy, rolling track with some psychedelic sounds swirling in and out. You also get a few voice samples and a nice floating break, but some of it sounds a bit too fluffy for my taste. Track 3 is by the pretty well known guy called Perplex (Ronen Dahan). His last album called Circles Of Life was released earlier this year on Utopia Records, and here we get a brand new track, which is not on the album. It starts off with some voice samples, before the beats start rolling. We get some pretty cool psychedelic sounds swirling in there and after a while a nice melody comes in, which keeps away from the cheesy side. Then we get a track from a new upcoming act called Sixsense (Benni Damski). Maybe related to Audiotec (Miki Damski)? This one is pretty groovy and very melodic, but the melody becomes a bit too fluffy for my taste. Im sure this one might become a hit on trance floors in Israel.

Track 5 is by Vibe Tribe (Stas Marnyanski and Elmar Ivatarov) who has released a couple of tracks on other Utopia compilations too. They give us the most melodic track on this compilation. Pure morning trance for those who like it a bit more fluffy than usual. Then we get a track by someone called Silent Scream (Yogev Abutbul and Ben Elkayam). They have put in some funny voice samples that sound like they could be from the Lord Of The Rings movie. Intense track with the highest bpm on this compilation, still with very fluffy melodies. Track 7 is by Ananda Shake (Osher Swissa and Lior Edri). They have put in some voice samples from the X-files series. The rest of the track is quite drifting with several jumpy sounds and some atmospheric floating vibes. Track 8 is a collaboration between Elec 3 and Toxic Toy (Rami Brisker, Leonid Koyphman, Igal Magitman and Alex Krupenko). They give us a drifting track with quite happy vibe, but also with parts of atmospheric, floating breaks. The last track we get on this compilation is by Chemical Drive (Ronen Sahar). This one goes a bit deeper than the other tracks on this compilation. It starts with some nice metallic breaks, before the pushing, heavy beats start rolling. The melody in this one is pretty cool and sounds a bit darker than the other tracks on this compilation.

This compilation is full of very typical melodic Israeli trance. Some of the tracks might sound a bit too fluffy for many psytrancers out there, but you will also find some okay morning tracks. Crazy goa melodies is for sure back these days.
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cornix cornix 08.11.2004 18:39
the best of trance

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