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New compilation out on Com.Pact Records...

The effective Israeli label Com.Pact Records is back with their eighteenth release, this time a compilation compiled by Sesto Sento (Aviram Saharai, Itai Spector and Matan Kadosh). All the artists on this compilation are from Israel.

Afula On (Com.Pact Records) 2004 (CPCD018)

1. Sesto Sento Teddy Enters Wonderland
2. Apocalypse Play Boy
3. Ferbi Boys Backteset 2004
4. Gataka Vs. Bizzare Contact Vs. Bishop The Dracle
5. Aquatica Place Of Panic
6. Systemic Systemic On A Machine (Ferbi Boys Edition)
7. Intergalactic Waves Of Joy
8. Gataka Vs. Thujon Son Pax
9. Apocalypse Vs. Sesto Sento Soul Calibur

First out is a track they have made themselves. Sesto Sento released an album on Com.Pact Records last year called The Bright Side, but the track we get here is new. Like on the album, they give us some kind of clubby style, which I find quite boring. Very fluffy melodies and not much deep vibes at all. Clubby morning trance. Track 2 is much better. This one is by an upcoming act called Apocalypse (Itai Yona). It goes deeper, with more interesting sounds and variation. Very drifting all the way through. My favourite track on this compilation, and Im sure we will hear more from this guy in the future. Track 3 is by Ferbi Boys, which is a side project by two of the Sesto Sento guys (Aviram Saharai and Itai Spector). Here they continue their clubby style. We get several jumpy, quite funny sounds in there, but I find it a bit boring after a little while. Track 4 is a collaboration between Gataka, Bizzare Contact and Bishop (Matan Kadosh, Didi Ezra, Kfir Lankry and Chris Guimaraes), all three familiar in the Com.Pact label. This is a better track, with a nice ethnic voice above the heavy, rolling bass line, but there could have been some more variation in it.

Track 5 is by a new upcoming act called Aquatica (Elad Asy). This one starts quite dramatic. The bass line in this one is more hard pushing than the other tracks on this album, and the dramatic, intense vibes follows the track through. Track 6 is by another new name in the trance scene, Systemic (Dekel Maman), but Ferbi Boys has done something with it too. A drifting track with quite a lot of funny psychedelic sounds and more variation than many other tracks with Ferbi Boys involved. Track 7 is by Intergalactic (Vik Shefy). A pretty massive, full on track with some strong, crazy melodies. One of the best tracks on this compilation in my opinion. Then we get a collaboration between Gataka and Thujon (Matan Kadosh and Simon Schwendener). This one has a stumpy vibe and is not as full on as the Galactic track. I miss some more variation here. The last track they give us is a collaboration between Apocalypse and Sesto Sento themselves. I prefer it when Apocalypse goes solo. Here we get some nagging riffs, which sounds boring in my ears pretty fast.

This compilation is for sure not among the best Com.Pact releases. The Sesto Sento guys could easily have gone a bit deeper here. Except for a couple of tracks, most of the tracks on this compilation sound quite mediocre in my ears.
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