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More crazy trance from Finland out on Exogenic Records...

Texas Faggott (Tim Thick and Pentti Slayer) from Finland is back with a new album on Exogenic Records. They have been doing psychedelic trance since 1996, and is known worldwide for their totally crazy, Finish vodka trance.

Texas Faggott "Pilluminati Cunt Roll" Exogenic Records 2004 (EXOCD25)

1. Purkkaleiri (Original)
2. Oikeesti
3. Blue Light Special
4. We Will Not Return
5. Gero Gero
6. Paramoncler
7. My Little Runaway
8. Trancelya
9. Early Cry
10. Sunkarma
11. Who Needs Koneisto (We R Homeisto)
12. Lazerlove
13. Agentis Entrepos (Bštre Folcke Earth Rmx)
14. Lone Star

The first track starts with some rough sounds, before a fast, pumping beat starts hitting us. This sounds like a typical crazy track from Finland. Totally weird sounds and a tempo that reminds me of hard gabba techno! Rough, night time trance. Track 2 has even wilder sounds. Quite melodic too, in a totally crazy way. Track 3 sounds quite spooky, with some mystic, floating sounds. Some groovy beats, funky sounds and a funny vibe. This track was also released on the Para Moncler EP on Exogenic Records earlier this year. Track 4 starts with some break beats and twisted sounds, before we jump back to a really fast gabba tempo again. This track is about as wild and crazy trance can get. Melodic and intense all the way through. There are also some funny details in there, with funny melodies. Track 5 has more groove, but this one also goes the fast direction. These guys sure like it to be intense! Trance like this could be a bit too nagging in the long run. Still, there is a lot of funny little details in there of sounds and melodies. Track 6 goes a slightly different direction. This one goes in a more digestible tempo. Actually quite stumping and drifting. This one was released as an EP (Para Moncler EP) and is one of the best Texas Faggot tracks I have heard. Nice variation and not as intense and nagging as a lot of their tracks can be.

Track 7 continues the typical Finish style, but not as fast as the first half of this album. Groovy bass line and new refreshing sounds swirling in all the way through. The melodies we get here remind me a bit of old school goa melodies, quite light and happy. Track 8 is a hard pumping, fast track. Sort of full on, but of course with a much more experimental variety of sounds than in the trance you get from other countries than Finland. They have also thrown in some intense guitar in there. Track 9 has a bit heavier bass line, and some totally funky, bubbling sounds. This track is also quite floating, and with all the usual crazyness these guys like to put in. The melody in this one is also really funny! One of my favourite tracks on this album. Track 10 starts with some sounds that remind me of some old computer games or something. Then the fast pumping beats jump in again, and we get a ton of crazy, hard banging sounds. A mix of gabba techno and computer games? For sure one of the most crazy tracks I have ever heard! Track 11 has several layers of intense beats, mixed with bubbling, crazy sounds and some screaming voice samples. Far away from any kind of soft trance. After a while it jumps over to some kind of country vibe too. Hard to explain other than weird, strange and twisted! Track 12 starts with a funny voice sample, before some massive break beats push us over in a hard pumping bass line. The melodies in this one is again totally far out there. Trance that might scare a lot of people. Track 13 takes another direction. This one has some kind of intense, twisted, jazzy vibe! Reminds me a bit of Haltya. Sure funny listening to, with intense electric guitar and funny break beats. The last track we get on this album is a stumping track with some of the funniest sounds I have ever heard! This one is a bit lighter than most other tracks on this album, and Iím sure the melody on this one will make many people smile.

This album is definitely one of the craziest albums I have ever heard! Typical trance from Finland, but these Texas Faggott guys takes us to an even crazier place with their music. For me, trance like this is quite refreshing and different from trance music from the rest of the world, but Iím also sure that this music will also sound way too far out for a lot of people. Go Finland!
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