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New single ep out on BNE...

Infected Mushroom (Amit Duvdevani and Erez Aizen) from Israel is back with more new tracks on Brand New Entertainment (BNE)! After four albums, these two guys have become two of the biggest stars in the psytrance scene, and they are also known by a lot of people outside of the trance scene. One of the reasons why they have become so popular is probably because they try out new directions all the time. Now they have finally started using more and more vocals in their music, and here we get an example of what that sounds like on a CD single called Cities Of The Future.

Infected Mushroom "Cities Of The Future" BNE 2004 (YOYOCS10)

1. Cities Of The Future (Radio Edit)
2. Cities Of The Future (Original Mix)
3. Cities Of The Future (Violet Vision Remix)
4. Cream

First out is a radio edit, which Iím sure will be heavily played on various radio stations in Israel this summer. This version is quite short, lasting for almost four minutes. It starts off with the vocal, which they have twisted a little bit around, singing about Cities Of The Future. This city sounds like it will be a really funny place if you listen to what he is singing about... We also get the typical infected, massive bass line and some of those screaming melodies. Personally I wish they didnít put in those vocals, but after a few listens (not too many), Iím sure it can sound quite funny and it will for sure hit a big crowd. Track 2 is the original version. This one lasts longer, and is more of a trance version than some sort of pop version like we got on the radio edit. Massive infected bass line, but the vocals jumps in after a while. I definitely like this version better than the radio edit. Track 3 is a remix done by Violet Vision! They sure like to put in vocals in their experimental electronic music too, which they proved on their second album Unfold. Here they give us a dubby, kind of electro inspired version, with some funky sounds and melodies. Very experimental and quite funny. The last track we get on this CD single is a new track called Cream. This is also called a bonus track on this CD single. I actually like this track much better than the Cities Of The Future track, but thatís probably because we get les vocals in this one, but more of the typical playful infected melodies, and a massive, groovy bass line. Reminds me a little bit of the tracks we got on the Classical Mushroom album.

This CD single is for sure a teaser of their next album. With other words, we can expect something different as usual from these guys on their next album. Iím not a big fan of vocals like this, but the last track we get here might indicate that we get something else than cheesy, screaming voices tooÖ
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