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Micha Yossef is out with a new side project on Avatar Records...

Reflex is probably a pretty unknown name to most people, but it is actually a side project by Micha Yossef, who is one of the most productive trance artists these days. He is known for projects like Echotek, Safi Connection, Neo-Logic etc. Now he is back with a Reflex album on the Israeli label Avatar Records. He has also released a Neo-Logic album this year, on Candyflip Records.

Reflex "Guide By Time" Avatar Records 2004 (AVA023)

1. Sky Fall Planet
2. Loop Control
3. Pitch Reef
4. Flip D.B.
5. Guide By Time
6. Individual Moment
7. Lesto Mutation
8. Until Day
9. Trouble Mind
10. Different Expanded Space

The first track starts nice and floating, before a pretty deep bass line starts rolling. This is somewhere between progressive trance and full on. No nagging sounds, just a nice drifting vibe with floating sounds going in and out of the groovy bass line. Not much variation, and it sounds just like tons of other Israeli releases. But it is a pretty nice trippy vibe here. Track 2 goes the same direction, but this one is better. We get a few breaks, with some relaxed, totally spaced out sounds, which sounds really nice. Away from that, just another one of the usual Israeli style tracks, still not totally full on or progressive style, but somewhere between. Track 3 has a bit more hard banging rhythm drift and surprising sounds, but less of those floating trippy vibes. This is one of my favourite tracks on this album. Darker vibes for late evening. He has also added some nice drums above the bass line on most of the track. Track 4 has a more drifting vibe. This one goes more towards progressive trance. You get some relaxed, fluffy guitar sounds and some sort of happy vibe. Pretty nice.

Things get a bit more full on in track 5. Here we get a pretty hard, rolling bass line. More night time trance than the previous tracks on this album. Groovy bass line, with some jumpy, echoing sounds above. Track 6 goes even harder. Now we are definitely over on the full on side of trance. Massive, rolling bass line, some drums above and weird psychedelic sounds jumping in and out of the track now and then. The sounds are pretty light, so it isnít pure night time full on. Track 7 has a very typical Israeli style. It reminds me of several tracks on Com.Pact, but this one could have been a bit more varied in my ears. Track 8 is the darkest track on this album. The sounds are darker, and the bass line sounds a bit more rough and deep. Track 9 follows the full on vibe, with a groovy bass line and some jumpy sounds above. You also get a nice floating break in the middle of the track, with some voice samples. The last track on this album doesnít give us much rest. Heavy rolling bass line and a really intense drifting vibe. This one builds up and become one of the most full on tracks on this album.

This album sounds very much like a lot of his other projects, but there are a couple of strong tracks here. Most of it stays somewhere between full on and progressive trance.
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