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New album out on Tokyo Dance Records...

BLT (Yuli Fershtat) is back with a new album, this time together with Danni Makov on drums. BLT has already released three albums and plays as a dj in Israel and many other parts of the world. Danni Makov has played in several rock bands as a drummer. They have been collaborating for two years now.

BLT & Danni Makov "Anything U Want" Tokyo Dance Records 2004 (TDCD03)

1. Mind The Gap
2. The Calling (Live Edit)
3. Anything U Want
4. The Rain Song
5. Graceful Dead
6. Patterns OfÖ
7. Space Boogie (Missionary Mix)
8. Epitaph

The first track start with some weird sounds and tribal drums. Then the beat starts pumping together with some guitar. A stumping progressive track with a very tribal vibe. In the middle of the track, the beat goes over to a more full on drifting style and we get some female Indian vocals. I already heard this once at a forest party, and it worked really well. Nice one. Track 2 starts with some drums building up to a pumping beat. We get a few breaks with atmospheric floating sound, and after a while they leads us into a very drifting rhythm drift, somewhere between progressive and full on trance. I like the way they mix organic instruments into the pumping trance vibes. Track 3 starts pumping from the first second. This is a totally stumping track with a really heavy pumping bass line. It is quite melodic too, with some old school vibes mixed with the modern heavy beats. After a while you also get some guitar in this one too, and even some weird vocals. Not among my favourites on this album. Track 4 goes to a darker, more full on level. This is better for the night. Mystic psychedelic sounds floating in and out of the drifting beats. It really builds up and become pretty massive. Definitely one of my favourite tracks on this album.

Track 5 has a very atmospheric floating vibe and some deep pumping beats. Totally drifting progressive track that builds up slowly. You also get some really crispy psychedelic sounds jumping in there. Some funny melodies sneak in too. Track 6 starts nice and floating with some funny voice samples. This is a really long lasting track, lasting for thirteen and a half minute. This is a stumping track with some really cool bubbling psychedelic sounds, but it could have been a bit shorter. Track 7 is a rolling monster track. This one goes back to the night time style. Dark sounds and an evil sounding bass line. Some of the sounds in this one remind me a bit Of Skazi, which isnít a plus in my opinion. But it is definitely better than Skazi and some of the samples we get here are really cool. The last track we get on this album starts with some slow and mystic sounds and an evil voice sample, before the groovy rhythm drift hits in. This one has a pretty happy vibe with some funky sounds mixed in, but I didnít need those vocals. Hard, progressive trance.

This is definitely the best album BLT has done so far. Not every track is top, but you get some really strong tracks here too, and a couple of them are really great. An album different from the usual full on Israeli style, but also different from most progressive trance, so check it out.
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