Fahrenheit Project Part Four

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Ultimae Records is out with their fourth chilled chapter in the Fahrenheit Project series...

Ultimae Records (former Infinium Records) in France keeps releasing good quality chill. Now they are out with the fourth chapter in their Fahrenheit Project series. It is compiled and mixed by Aes Dana who has released two albums on this label.

Fahrenheit Project Part Four (Ultimae Records) 2003 (inre011)

1. Solar Fields – Union Light
2. Puff Dragon – Chinese Radio
3. Aes Dana – Memory Shell (Mindgames Festival Live Version)
4. Aural Planet – Hydropoetry Cathedra (Istrumental Version)
5. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Epicentre Second Movement
6. Cell – Audio Deepest Night
7. Vibrasphere – Northern Sunsets
8. Ochi Brothers – Flowing Synergy
9. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Decompression
10. Hol Baumann – Send Away

First out is a new track by Solar Fields (Magnus Birgersson) from Sweden. He has released two albums on Ultimae Records, but the track we get here is not on any of them. This is a really beautiful, floating, deep track with a totally hypnotic melody going pretty fast with a chilled background. Great start on this mixed CD. Track 2 is a new project by Double Dragon (Steve Good) who lives in Japan. He has released two trance albums (Continuum on Phantasm and Transparent on Plusquam), but here he goes under a different name (Puff Dragon), and gives us a chilled dub track. He has also released a Puff Dragon track on the new chilled compilation Floating Point 01 on Iboga Records lately. The track we get here has a nice ethnic Chinese feel, with beautiful flute mixed with some deep dub rhythms. Track 3 is by Aes Dana (Vincent Villuis) himself, the man who has compiled and mixed this compilation. He has released two albums on Ultimae Records (Season 5 and Aftermath). Here we get a new track, deep and floating with beautiful sounds and relaxing down tempo rhythms. Track 4 is by Aural Planet, based in Poland. This track is one of my favourites on this compilation. Again very floating and deep at the same time. The melodies in this one is really beautiful. Great chill out track! Carbon Based Lifeforms (Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Ringström) from Sweden released their first album (Hydroponic Garden) on Ultimae Records this year. A very relaxing down tempo ambient album. You get a feeling of what the album sounds like with this track. Relaxed down tempo rhythms with floating sounds around, and some tribal didgeridoo in between.

Track 6 by Cell (Alex Scheffer) from France is a totally floating ambient track with really wonderful sounds. After a while, some really slow going deep down tempo rhythms comes in. One of the most relaxing tracks on this compilation. Track 7 is a new track by Swedish Vibrasphere (Rickard Berglöf and Robert Elster). They usually released progressive trance, but they have also released a couple of really good dub tracks on their albums (Echo and Lime Structure). The track we get here isn’t on any of their albums. It starts slow with a light melody and some floating sounds. Then comes the deep dubby rhythms in and take control. Not the best chilled track I have heard by them, but not bad. Ochi Brothers (Yoshiaki Ochi) from Japan has released an album (Drum N’ Space) on Makyo’s label Dakini Records. Here we get a new slow ambient track with mostly floating sounds, a few tribal drums in the background and a lot of violin. Track 9 is another track by Swedish Carbon Based Lifeforms. This track is not on the album either. A very slow, totally deep ambient track, without much variation, but it just last for a couple of minutes. The last track on this compilation is by another French artist called Hol Baumann. He continues the same style as Carbon Based Lifeforms, in the beginning, but after a while it gets more tribal. It actually reminds me a bit of Makyo, with some relaxed female vocals.

This compilation is really good. The only thing I don’t like is that it is mixed, because I want the complete original tracks, and mix myself… But it can be nice with a mixed CD too, as a relaxed journey with no space between the tracks. Recommended.

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