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Elektrik Orgasm Records releases their second compilation...

Elektrik Orgasm Records, run by Nervasystem, is out with their third second compilation. Elektrik Orgasm is known for going in their own directions in psychedelic trance.

10 Year Grok (Elektrik Orgasm Records) 2003 (E.O.C.D.3)

1. Spacecake – Quality Of Life
2. Manmademan – Friction Low
3. Aether – Synister
4. Spacecake – Smug Druggler
5. Manmademan – Creation Myth
6. 42+2 – 28 Strand DNA
7. Proteus – Anxiety
8. Aether – Vibration

First out is an artist I haven’t heard about before called Spacecake (John Jennings). This is a pretty stumpy, dark track. Some really cool psychedelic sounds in there, but they drown a little bit in the heavy rolling rhythms. Track 2 is by a much more known couple, Manmademan (Paul Baguley and Sonia Bailey). They give us a groovy track, which reminds me a bit of house music. I missed some more variation in this one. Track 3 is by Aether (Alexis Cousins) who has made several tracks with Nervasystem, and released music on the last compilation on Elektrik Orgasm. Aether sure likes it weird! The track starts with some really weird sounds, before a cool rhythm hits in. Pretty different from most trance being released these days. Cool track, but there could have been some more variation in this one too. Then we get another track by Spacecake. This one isn’t as rolling as the first track, but more jumpy. The sounds are a bit hidden in this one too.

Track 5 is one more track by Manmademan. This is faster and more drifting. It builds up a lot from beginning to end. Track 6 is by Nervasystem himself together with someone called Pop. Together they call themselves 42 + 2. This is a heavy, dark stumper, with some really weird sounds hidden inside. I love those scary sounds! My favourite track on this compilation. Track 7 is by a guy called Proteus (Andy Arquines). This is a really hard, crazy track, with fast going rhythms and a ton of great sounds. Good one. The last track we get here is, another one by Aether. A really weird track, with some kind of old techno rhythms and a lot of spaced out sounds. Reminds me a bit of Orichalcum!

Elektrik Orgasm Records always surprises with a few really weird and interesting tracks. They do it this time too, but I thought their last compilation was a bit better. I missed some more variation in these tracks. But if you want to check out something different from most trance being released these days, take a listen to this.

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