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Iboga Records is out with a new compilation...

Danish Iboga Records is out with a new compilation called FX. All the tracks are compiled by dj Emok. Iboga have their own style of progressive trance with house influences. In this compilation Emok has collected tracks from pretty famous artists who has thrown themselves into this kind of trance.

FX (Iboga Records 2003) IBOGACD12

1. Jaia – The Peter Pan Syndrome
2. Frogacult – Lucky Strike
3. Oryx – This Goes Back
4. Filur – Underrated
5. Double Dragon – Seperated
6. Emok, Coyle & Jokke – Cex
7. True To Nature – Pulsar
8. Flowjob – Fluff Me Tender

The first track is surprisingly by one of my favourite groups, Jaia, which is only one guy now (Yannis Kamarinos). It was pretty funny to hear this track on this compilation, since it was exactly this track he played when I was standing on stage filming him when he played live at Samothraki Dance Festival 2002! Jaia is famous for very melodic goa trance, released on Cross Records and Yellow Feather/Dakini Records. He has moved over to more progressive stuff lately, and that`s what we get here. This track is pretty groovy and happy, with a bit of house influences. For sure pleasant for the dance floor, but maybe a little disappointing for those who were hoping for the old style. Track 2 is by two guys called Frogacult (Mikkel Calum and Casper Datai). This one starts slow, mystic and floating with some voice samples. Some tribal drums comes in, before the pumping progressive rhythms comes in. Pretty atmospheric vibe in this track. Track 3 is for those of you who like Reefer Decre. Exactly same style, with those jumpy progressive rhythms and uplifting sounds. Maybe not so surprising, since Oryx is the solo project of Oliver Bierlich in Reefer Decre.

Track 4 is by Filur, which is Swedish Sebastian Mullaert, most known as OOZE and Son-Kite. A long lasting progressive track with some breaks, a little female vocal now and then and pretty hard pumping rhythms. Track 5 is by Double Dragon (Steve Good) who lives in Japan. He released an album on Phantasm in 2000 (Continuum), which was great! Then he released his second album (Transparent) on Plusquam Records in 2002, which was not so great. More minimal and progressive. The track we get here is much more house influenced than any of the tracks I have heard by him earlier. Progressive trance with some tribal and house influenced rhythms. The three Danish guys, Emok, Coyle and Jokke serves track 6. This is a pretty techno influenced track, with drifting rhythms all the way. Track 7 goes about the same direction, but is more floating and atmospheric. This is a really trippy track. I can easily imagine hearing this at the beach when the sun goes down… The last track by Flowjob is pretty nice. The most melodic track on this compilation. This will probably fit perfectly in the morning.

This compilation is pretty good if you are into the progressive side of trance with a housy touch. Iboga sure have found their own style of trance that they have specialised in. Check out their site for more releases:



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