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Review by PKS
The fourth chapter in the Isaliens series is out on Hommega Productions...

Hommega Productions is out with the fourth chapter in the Israliens series. As usual you get a compilation full of artists from Israel.

Israliens 4 (Hommega Productions 2003) HMCD28

1. Sub6 & Pixel – Teder Beseder
2. Astrix & Delirious – Day Dream
3. Cosma – Mixed up
4. Psy Sex – Puzzle
5. Xerox & Illumination – Marley On acid
6. Hujaboy – 27am
7. Psy Sex – Amphetamaniac (Psy Craft Remix)
8. Infected Mushroom & Yahel – Electro Panic (Eat Static Remix)
9. Violet Vision – Cellophane (Trance Mix)

This compilation is not mixed much, but the tracks floats over in each other so it shall be better to listen through the entire compilation. First out is a collaboration between Sub6 and Pixel. The track starts with some of the same sounds Shulman has used in his ambient album. Then we get some pushing rhythms and psychedelic small sounds. After a few minutes we get a little break with some relaxing voices and floating sounds, before the rhythms starts pumping again. Astrix give us his morning vibes in track 2. Here in a collaboration with Delirious. It has those Alien Project rolling rhythms, some beautiful morning melodies and a tribal voice now and then. After a few minutes we get a beautiful break, but then we get a pretty cheesy melody. This will for sure get a smile on the majority of dancing poeople, but personally I think this kind of melodies is a bit too cheesy. Track 3 is made by Cosma (Avihen Livne), who sadly died in an accident this year. He was supposed to release an album these days, and here we get a taste of what it sounds like. Atmospheric beautiful sound picture as usual from Cosma. The rhythms we get here is much more hard pumping than we are used to from his first album Simplicity. This is a floating morning trance track. Nice one. Psy Sex gives us track 4. Hard pumping bass lines and a pretty dark sound picture, but melodic too.

Track 5 is an interesting collaboration between Xerox and Illumination. It starts atmospheric and floating. Then the rolling heavy rhythms comes in, pumping all the way through. Pretty full on track. Hujaboy gives us track 6, with hard stumpy rhythms and dark sounds. Then Psy Sex give us another track again, but this time Psy Craft has made a remix. My favourite track on this compilation. Heavy rolling rhythms, cool sounds and a really trancey sound picture. You also get a beautiful melody at the end. Infected Mushroom and Yahel made a big hit last year with the Electro Panic track. Not my favourite Infected track with all those vocals. Here we get the third version I have heard of this track, a remix by Eat Static. Personally I think this version sounds much better than the original. Violet Vision finishes this compilation with trance track this time. This track has a lot of vocals. A lot of people will probably dislike it for all the vocals, but it is actually not that bad.

With this compilation you get the cream of trance acts from Israel. I think Israliens 4 shows a pretty good picture of what the Israeli trance scene sounds like today.

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