Eraser vs Yöjalka "Round 1"

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Review by PKS
A new interesting collaboration between Eraser and Yöjalka is out with an album on Exogenic Records in Finland...

Exogenic Records in Finland is out with another album. This time a collaboration between Eraser and Yöjalka. The first thing that hit me was the strange cover art! Some weird person in a weird costume, running around in the Finnish forest! This painting is taken from a Finnish comic book called Daydreamer.

Eraser vs Yöjalka "Round 1" Exogenic Records (EXOCD16)

1. Reunion
2. BBQ U
3. Illalla
4. Ghost Train
5. Quosick
6. Hattivatti
7. Weekend Warrior
8. This Level
9. Rassah Munkabu
10. Mutual Ritual
11. Rum And Basses

Finland is already pretty known for a lot of weird music, very different from most psytrance from the rest of the world. The first track on this one starts pumping fast from the first second. A few seconds later we get some unbelievable crazy psychedelic melodies and sounds. All this follows the track all the way through, with a lot of variation. This reminds me a bit of old melodic goa, but in a crazy way. It sounds a bit like Nervasystem. This is the kind of psytrance I miss these days. Variation, cool sounds and crazy melodies. Great track! Track 2 has heavy stumping rhythms and darker sounds. Very massive sounding, including nice psychedelic melodies and sounds. Track 3 is even darker, but after a few minutes, a beautiful weird melody comes in and gives us a little break. Then the rough rhythms starts pumping again. Track 4 (Ghost Train) starts with the sound of a train going on the railway. Then we get some really groovy break beat rhythms and a scary melody. I love this sound. Totally out of this world crazy. If you like crazy dark break beat rhythms with a lot of psychedelic sounds above, this is great! All this goes over to banging melodic psytrance after a few minutes.

Track 5 calms down the first minute. Then the heavy dark break beat rhythms comes back again, this time darker than before. We get some guitar alike melodies, and a very rock sounding sound picture. Track 6 has a very funky vibe, still with all the crazy sounds and variation. Track 7 starts metallic and hard pumping. This is one of the hardest tracks on this album. But you get a few breaks in between, and there are still tons of sounds and melodies in between the hard pumping bass rhythms. Track 8 gives me nostalgic memories back to the old melodic goa period. This sounds a lot like good old Israeli trance, with stumping rhythms and with a modern twist. Track 9 is a really fast track, with strange Asian melodies and a ton of cool sounds. Track 10 is even faster. Some people have compared this to gabba techno. And yes, it is that fast! But still you get all the crazy psychedelic sounds and melodies. The last track is surprisingly a drum n bass track with a beautiful flute above the jungle rhythms.

This album really surprised me! This is not like anything else coming out these days. These Finnish guys has given us back the crazy sounds and melodies that we had before, and mixed it with a modern sound, and I love it!

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Mikko Annila 05.07.2004 08:32
Frankly, this must be possibly the best psy-trance record i've ever heard. like said in the rewiew, the variation of sounds, soundscapes and moods on the album is incredible! i can easily recommend this to anyone the least bit into this kind of music.

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