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Japanese Vision Quest is out with a dvd and a compilation, featuring some of the live acts at The Gathering 2002...

Vision Quest is a group of party organisers in Japan, organising parties indoor and outdoor. One of the bigger festivals they organise is The Gathering. Now they are out with a DVD with a film from The Gathering 2002 (September 21-23), including live performances by GMS, Skazi, X-Dream, The Delta, Space Cat, Koxbox, Infected Mushroom etc. In this film we follow the organisers from the planning of the festival and all the way to the end. You also get two really psychedelic music videos by Koxbox and Space Cat on this DVD. But together with the DVD, you also get a music compilation called Amphibians.

Amphibians. Vision Productions 2003 (NODX-01001)

1. Space Cat & Talamasca – T.B. Or Not To Be
2. Oforia – Sonic Pollution
3. Skazi – I`m stuck
4. Xerox – Crossing Over
5. Infected Mushroom – Evadawn
6. Orion – Punchy
7. Dino Psaras – Brain Torture
8. Shanti – Filterfish
9. Spectrum – Sounds Reason

First out is an interesting collaboration between Avi Algranati (Space Cat) and dj Lestat (Talamasca)! A very drifting track, but not even near as melodic as Talamasca use to be. Track 2 is by Ofer Dikovsky (Oforia). The track starts off with floating beautiful sounds, before the rolling heavy bass rhythms starts banging. Pretty nice track, but much lesser varied than his earlier works. Skazi has become pretty popular after two albums released on Shaffel Records. Personally I don`t like their style at all! Dark banging rhythms all the way, and often with some kind of simple hard house sounds above. Then we get a track by Xerox. This is also very dark and drifting, but more melodic and trancey. It sort of builds slowly up. Track 5 is a new track by Infected Mushroom! Here they follow the style of their latest album B.P.Empire, with dirty sounds in between the heavy pumping rhythms and some typical Infected melodies now and then. Pretty good if you love the sound of Infected Mushroom. Jean Borelli (Orion) from Denmark gives us track 6. He makes music in the same style as Alien Project these days, but maybe a little bit more psychedelic and varied. This track is dark with some Delta samples and a lot of psychedelic sounds. Track 7 is by Dino Psaras. As usual, this is dark and it sounds a bit like Cydonia. This one builds slowly up with very stumpy rhythms. Shanti give us track 8. He is the brother of one of the GMS guys, and GMS is what it sounds like. But this also reminds me a lot of cheap hard house, so I don`t like this at all. The last track is by Spectrum, which is a collaboration between dj Dede and Tamir Uzana. This sounds just like Alien Project. The same rolling rhythms, but with less melodies.

This compilation is not among my latest favourites, but you get some nice pieces here too. The DVD is great, and gets you right into the festival mood. I also like to see psychedelic music videos for a change.

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