The Secret Of The 13 Crystal Skulls

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Review by PKS
TIP.World give us the secret after the big mystery...

Raja Ram and his TIP.World is finally giving us the Secret of The 13 Crystal Skulls. This is the follow up after the Mystery Of The 13 Crystal Skulls. That was a fantastic compilation with no bad tracks on it. It seems like TIP.World has lost the high quality lately, so this compilation will hopefully prove something else.

The Secret Of The Thirteen Crystal Skulls. TIP.World 2003 (TIPWCD26)

1. Eat Static – The First Revelation
2. Cyberbabas – The Second Revelation
3. Alien Project – The Third Revelation
4. Astrix – The Fourth Revelation
5. Talamasca – The Fifth Revelation
6. 1200 Micrograms – The Sixth Revelation
7. Shpongle – The Seventh Revelation

Eat Static has suddenly for some unknown reason started releasing tracks on TIP.World lately. They have bin one of my favourite bands since 1993, but they have mostly released music on Planet Dog and on their own label Mesmobeat. Eat Static give us the first revelation. Merv Pepler has made this one alone. It starts very beautiful with floating ambient sound scapes. After a few minutes, some hard banging rhythms starts pumping. Interesting to see how Eat Static suddenly has started making psytrance like this. But Eat Static has already shown their talent in many different music styles, so it doesn`t come as a big surprise. A good track with a lot of tribal voices. Track 2 is by Cyberbabas. This is a very interesting collaboration between Raja Ram and Benji Vaughan (Prometheus). They have released some really good tracks together already. This one starts slow and relaxing the first two minutes. Then we get some pumping rhythms which reminds me a lot of Hallucinogen! A melodic and varied track with guitar and synths by Benji and flute by Raja Ram.

Then we get a track by the new Israeli super star, Alien Project (Ari Linker). But, this track is not new! It is also released as LSD on the Electronic High 3 compilation released on Japanese Solstice Music. One of the better tracks Alien Project has made so far, but if you are getting tired of the same stumpy Alien Project style you have got from his three albums released in one year, this might be too much. Astrix is the other Israeli star these days. Playing live all over the world every week. He has about the same style as Alien Project, but maybe a little fluffier. The track we get here is a lot better than most of the tracks on his album released last year. Very varied all the way. Reminds me of the Alien Project track on the Mystery Of The 13 Crystal Skulls compilation. Down tempo rhythms and shpongle like voice samples. Talamasca are one of the few psytrance artists who still release really melodic trance. He give us track 5. Heavy banging rhythms and drifting melodies. Not among the best Talamasca tracks I have heard, but not bad. Track 7 is a new track by 1200 Micrograms, which is a collaboration between the GMS guys, Raja Ram and Chicago. They released an album on TIP.World last year with different kind of drugs as a theme. The track we get here is a little better than most of the tracks on the album. A lot of tribal effects, flute and voices. But you get some of the noisy GMS drift after a few minutes in this track too. The last track is the one I was really looking forward to. A new track by Shpongle! As usual, we get a voyage into sound. We start off slow with tribal sound and flamenco guitars. After a few minutes the track develops to an almost full on trance track. Sounds a lot like Hallucinogen. As usual you get some really twisted voice samples. Not among the best Shpongle tracks I have heard, but good. After this track you get some sort of hidden track where a weird voice tell you about the Crystal Skulls.

This compilation is not as good as The Mystery Of The 13 Crystal Skulls, but it is not bad. One of the better trance compilations released lately, and much better than TIP.Worlds latest compilations.

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Boris Barroso 26.10.2003 23:40
Well your review is interesting but I think it is more the way you see things, because I do really think these compilation is better than The Mystery Of The Thirteen Crystal Skulls, which is great but this one has evolved, and by the way I think that The seventh revelation from shpongle is one of their best trakcs better than the The Sixth Revelation.
Well reviews in so many ways is something personal you can't tell....
dr papa 14.10.2004 22:42
i agree... not only is Seventh Revelation an utterly amazing track and the finest work done by Shpongle (which is saying something), it is simply the best musical track ever written in the history of electronic music. It is simply the best and only excuse to purchase this amazing compilation...

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