Global Psychedelic Chill Out Vol. 4

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Review by PKS
Spirit Zone Records is out with the fourth chapter in this chill out series...

German Spirit Zone Records is out with their fourth chapter in the Global Psychedelic Chill out series. As usual, dj Antaro has compiled it. This is mostly German and Israeli artists. In the cover you also get a Maia Moon Calendar.

Global Psychedelic Chill Out 4. Spirit Zone Records 2003 (SZ 137)

CD1 :
1. B-Wicked – Play Area
2. Patchwork – Anagrom Ataf
3. Shiva Chandra – Modern Accustics
4. Olivier Drand – Extended Away
5. Astrix & Lior Miller – Rhytmos
6. Aural Planet – Costa Del Nymphus
7. Dual Systems – Enjoy Your Trip
8. Grey Area – Semantics
9. Ivri Lider & Idan Raichel – Strong World

1. Spacefish – Get It On
2. Olivier Drand – Flasback
3. Ooze – Trying Outwards
4. Jens Buchert – Sine + Worm
5. Liquid Stranger – Enviromental Meltdown
6. Spirallianz – In, Out / Thru
7. Liquid Stranger – Rubbermaid Dub
8. Jo Yummi – Led
9. Kick Bong – Tropical Trip
10. Safran – Sol e Praia

The first track on cd 1 by B-Wicked has a lot of nice female vocals with a floating dub vibe around. Track 2 is by Patchwork who has released several albums on Spirit Zone. This track has some acoustic guitar, easy dub rhythms and floating sounds. Pretty nice easy listening track. Track 4 by Shiva Chandra is more easy listening. Not very deep or psychedelic, just chilling café music. Track 4 by Olivier Drand is slower. Not much happens during the track, and I think this kind of chill out sounds a bit boring. A jazzy easy listening vibe. Track 5 is also released on the Another Life compilation from YoYo Records in 2002. Here you get a lot of acoustic guitar and some vocals. Pretty nice track. Track 6 by Aural Planet is more atmospheric and gives you a more out in space feeling. Nice electronic ambient. Track 7 is by Dual Systems. This is one of the guys from S.U.N. Project together with a guy called dh Ketama. Easy listening dub with some vocals. Track 8 by Grey Area is a taste of their new album Penumbra released on Plusquam Records December 2002. A nice floating down tempo track. The last track on cd 1 one more track from the Another Life compilation released on YoYo Records in 2002. Two Israeli guys who has made a track with a lot of vocals. This is almost pop! Not my cup of tea.

CD 2 starts off with a track by Space Fish. this is Linus Wessel, also known as Prototyp and Tarsis. This track sounds a bit boring. Very slow easy listening, but not much varying. Track 2 is another track by Olivier Drand. Pretty nice chill with some funky guitars and relaxing rhythms. Track 3 by Ooze is a taste of his album Where The Fields Never End, released on Spirit Zone in 2001. I think they should have found a new instead of this old track, but it is rally great dubby ambient! The Ooze album is great, so I will recommend in for everybody. Track 4 by Jens Buchert is also an old track released on his album Fruit Machine on Plusquam Records early 2002. Pretty nice dubby drum n bass track, but I think they should have come up with a new one. Track 5 by Liquid Stranger starts pretty boring the first minutes with some kind of 2 step rhythms, but afterwards we get a little funny melody. Track 6 is by Spirallianz. As always, really dark mystical vibes with creaking sounds and scary melodies. Slow and relaxing. Track 7 is another Liquid Stranger track. This is much better than the other one we get on this compilation. Melodic and varied psyambient. Track 8 by Jo yummi is a bit boring. not much happens, mostly slow rhythms with some weird bass in between. Track 9 by Kick Bong is really slow with a summer vibes. You hear frogs, swifts and thunder together with relaxing jazzy rhythms. The last track on this compilation by Safran is a nice, floating, mystical ambient track with some beautiful flute.

As usual, you get some nice easy listening chill out with this series, but it is not very psychedelic. This is pretty easy digestible chill out for cafés.

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