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Vibrasphere from Sweden is out with their second album, this time on Digital Structures Records...

Swedish Vibrasphere is finally out with their second album, this time on Digital Structures Records. Vibrasphere are Rickard Berglöf and Robert Elster.

Vibrasphere "Lime Structure" Digital Structures 2003 (DIGCD010)

1. Soul Wire
2. Lemon Phase
3. Newport
4. Time Shifter
5. Manzanilla
6. Indian Summer
7. Purple Floating
8. Infusion
9. Silver Sun

Pretty cool cover art on this one. You also get a fat booklet where you can read their musician history. Rickard started making music in 1995 as Subcouds together with Fredrik Axelsson. In 1998 Rickard and Robert started producing music together. Then they released their first album (Echo) on Spiral Trax Records in 2000.

The first track is a sort of intro track. Very nice floating ambient soundscape. Then it leads over to track 2. This is a nice progressive trance track, very pleasant for dancing. It sounds a bit like Human Blue, Element etc. Track 3 starts very beautiful with a floating sound, before the pleasant progressive rhythms comes in. Very danceable at the same time as it is relaxing. Fantastic progressive morning trance. The sound quality is amazing. Track 4 is another progressive masterpiece. I don`t like much progressive trance, but when it sounds like this, I get totally into it.

Vibrasphere is also famous for their great dubby chill out tracks. Track 5 is one of those beautiful chilled tracks. Floating with deep dubby rhythms and some nice guitar above. Track 6 sounds a bit more like some tech house in the beginning, but it becomes really trancey afterwards. Not among my favourites on this album. Track is a new fantastic progressive trance track for the morning. A great track with amazing sound quality and beautiful melodies. Track 8 follows the same high quality progressive style with some tribal drums in between. Real nice. The last track on the album is a wonderful deep progressive trance track. Nice finish.

This album is really nice. I missed some more chilled tracks, but I really like the trance tracks these guys are making too. So if you already like progressive trance, this is recommended!

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