Aphid Moon "High Diver"

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Jules Hamer is out with his debut album on Dragonfly Records...

Jules Hamer is finally out with his debut album. He has already released a few tracks on compilations on Dragonfly Records.

Aphid Moon "High Diver" Dragonfly Records 2003 (bflcd62)

1. A Lot Of Radio
2. Disco Biscuit
3. Boo
4. Spectra
5. Reactor
6. Dunno
7. High Diver
8. Zak Stardust

First out is a monotonous track which is somewhere between house and trance. The kind of music Dragonfly has released a lot the last couple of years. Pretty boring if you ask me. Dragonfly has really moved far away from the great quality trance they used to release. Track 2 is harder techno influenced trance. Still very monotonous and in my ears just boring. Why not do something more out of it? This is boring listening to and dancing to! Track 3 is a bit more psychedelic, but still, it sounds pretty simple. This is not psytrance, but bad hard house. Track 4 is more stumpy. Still monotonous and not very original, but better than the first three tracks. This one builds up a little and becomes a bit more melodic. Track 5 sounds like a mix between hard house and trance. Noisy sounds all the way, and rolling restless rhythms pushing all the way through. Track 6 sounds a little better, but still you get this awful hard house feeling. Track 7 is very techno influenced again. You get some guitar sounds above, but away from that it sounds pretty boring. The last track goes the same direction.

With this album, Dragonfly proves that they have moved away from psytrance, and are now heading towards hard house and tech house. Dragonfly was once one of my favourite labels, but what has happened now? I just can`t understand it. This release is so disappointing.

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