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Nano Records, a new label in South Africa, is out with their first compilation...

Nano Records is a new label, based at the tip of Africa, Cape Town in South Africa. Here they are with their first cd release.

Emergence. Nano Records 2002 (NANOCD001)

1. Protoculture – Ultraphunktional
2. Rinkadink – Ultima (Flamin Hoons Remix)
3. Hydrophonic – Disorient Express
4. Boogi Section vs Bent Sentient
5. Whiplash – Syntax & Whiskey
6. Hydrophonic – Reality Game
7. Hydrophonic – Elephunktitus
8. Protoculture – Synergism
9. Protoculture – Metaphysical

First track is a rolling heavy track by someone called Protoculture (N. Raubenheimer). A lot of scary voices and some melodic funky sounds. Track 2 is a melodic morning track by Rinkadink (W. Van Jaarsveld & S. Scott) Really stumpy rhythms all the way, but some refreshing melodic parts now and then. Something for the sunrise. Track 3 is by Hydrophonic (two brothers?) This is an interesting track. Really deep rolling rhythms, with some melodic sounds now and then. Track 4 is a collaboration between the Hydrophonik guys and Protoculture with another guy. Another stumpy track with cool echo sounds.

Track 5 by Whiplash is a collaboration between one of the guys in Rinkadink and Shane Gobi. A dark track with heavy stumping rhythms. Track 6 is another track by the Hydrophonic guys. This is again a little more melodic track, but there are not much variation from the beginning to the end. Track 7 is also a Hydrophonic track. This a better one with more variation. This is also a morning track with som beautiful floating parts. Protoculture finishes with two tracks. The first one is pretty melodic, but with a lot of psychedelic sounds too. The last track is a real morning track, with stumpy rhythms and floating sounds all the way. A beautiful track, somewhere between progressive and full on trance.

This new South African compilation really surprised me with some nice tracks. They are really into the trance sound of today, if you like it or not.

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