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A new chill out artist from San Francisco is out with his debut album on Ceiba Records...

The american label Ceiba Records, located in San Francisco, California, is out with their first full artist album. This is Galen Butler who is the guy behind Shakatura. An album full of nice chill out music.

Shaktatura "Shakatura" Ceiba Records 2002 (CR009)

1. Lavatube
2. Playa Mimosa
3. Geko
4. Quark
5. Parachute
6. Mitochondria
7. Tail
8. Earsocket
9. Telemetry

This guy has also made the cover art, which is very nice. Looks like art made by native Americans. First out is a chill out track full of nice psychedelic sounds, echo effects and slow rhythms. Track 2 is even more relaxing and more floating. After a while you get a beautiful Indian female voice. Track 3 is more noisy, but still relaxing. After a few minutes you get a little guitar melody, which give me a nice summer feeling. Track 4 has deeper dub rhythms, some cool male and female echo voices and relaxing melodies. one of the melodies reminds me a bit of the Norwegian group Röyksopp. Track 5 is more tribal with a nice flute, deep dub rhythms and chilling sounds.

Track 6 has some heavyer, but still slow rhythms. The track builds up with a lot of variation and psychedelic sounds. Track 7 has some really slow down tempo rhythms with a lot of cool sounds below and above. Track 8 goes the same tempo with a lot of beautiful sounds and a little tribal vocal. The last track calms it all down. A floating relaxed track with really beautiful melodies!

Galen Butler sure knows how to relax us people. A lot of nice psyambient all the way on this one. Interesting to hear some American psychill for a change. Last time I heard a chill out artist from San Francisco, was a guy called Young American Primitive for those of you who remember him...

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