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Review by PKS
Momi and Seb is out with their third Angel Tears album on Master Productions!

This is probably some sort of hidden secret, but here is Seb Taylors third chill out album!! His full name is Sebastian James Taylor most known as Shakta, Somaton and Digitalis. Here he goes under the name Angel Tears. He does this together with Momi Ochion, who released the album Millennium Light on Master Productions in 1999. Momi and Seb seems to work very well together. Here is volume 3 in the fantastic Angel Tears series!

Angel Tears Vol. 3. Master Production Ltd. 2002 (MP-10003)

1. The Dreaming
2. Daylight
3. Meditation
4. Dmaot Malach
5. For You God
6. Magic Forest
7. Conjuring Rain
8. Uri
9. Momiwal
10. Ishka
11. Habibi
12. Gentle Soul

These guys are without doubt some of the most talented musicians out there. I have loved both of the earlier Angel Tears albums. Etnical chill out music all the way. I will not describe each track, because that would take too long time... The music is full of vocal and organic instruments. Mr Taylor has played most of the guitar, which shows again what a musical talent he is! Momi sings on a couple of tracks, but they have got help from a few others like Shpatz on flute and vocals by Natasha Chamberlin and Zohar Ben-Shitrit. The whole album is very varied, but very relaxing all the way. I usually don`t like much vocal in music, but when it`s done like this, it`s really beautiful. The sound quality is amazing. Dj Srulik Einhorn has helped with producing of this record, so he probably has some of the honour for that. If you want a beautiful musical journey into Arabian inspired music just for chilling, this is absolutely something for you. One of the best chill out albums released 2002.

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