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Sound Sorcery Records has become Maia Records since last year and give us the second part of Time & Space...

Last year a new mexican psytrance label was born. This was Sound Sorcery Records, and they released a cd compilation called Time & Space 1. I don`t know what happened with Sound Sorcery, but they have now changed their name to Maia Records, and they are still based in Mexico. Maia Records have now released Time & Space 2. This time dj Dimitri Nakov and dj Paul Taylor, two of the leading psytrance djs in the world, have compiled this good compilation.

Time & Space Pt. 2. Maia Records 2002 (MRCD01)

1. Synthetic Forest - Ohmboys (Synthetic Remix)
2. Altom - Cycles
3. Talamasca - The Missing Link (Silicon Sound Remix)
4. Atomic Pulse - Out Of This
5. Polaris - Breaking Point
6. Camposonic - Hari-Katsch
7. Soundaholix & dj Paul Taylor - Psychedelic Circus
8. D-Tek vs. Paul Taylor - Multiverse
9. Alternate Vision - Keberos

The first track is an interesting collaboration between Frederic Holyszewski (Synthetic) and Stephanie Dureisseix (Bamboo Forest). Dado is probably most involved with this track, because it is a Synthetic remix. If you like the Synthetic style, you will like this one. A bit techno influenced rhythms, but with some melodic parts and a drifting sound picture. Track 2 is by not so famous Altom from Paris (Alexis Cornet and Thomas Dubrieul). They follows the modern psytrance style, with rolling heavy bass rhythms, but they build the track up with some really cool sounds and careful melodies, so the track becomes pretty good. Track 3 is by dj Lestat (Talamasca). Here you get a Silicon Sound remix of the track Missing Link. Silicon Sound is Johannes Reigner who will release an album on Moon Spirits Records soon. Look out for this guy! He is really talented. This track is amazing! Very melodic and full on, and not cheesy at the same time. Very good track, and I`m sure Silicon Sound can take a lot of credit for that.

Atomic Pulse delivers track 4. This is Tamir Ozana from Israel. The track he delivers here sounds a bit like the Alien Project style. Again those heavy rolling bass rhythms, but here you don`t find so much melodies and sounds as most of the other tracks on this compilation. Track nr. 5 is served by Polaris (Arnaud Stengel). Here you get full on all the way. Not very much happenes through this track, and it`s far from my favourites on this compilation. Track 6 is made by a new name in the psytrance scene, called Camposonic, but the people behind Campsonic is not new in the psytrance scene at all. These are Tavis Buschman, dj Shanti and Paul Taylor. Really good track which reminds me a bit of Talamasca and GBU. Some cool melodies, and pretty full on all the way. Track 7 is made bu Soundaholix, which is Riktam from GMS and Celli Firmi from Earthling. Here they have made a track with Paul Taylor. Again a really good track. Something for the party! Track 8 is made by D-Tek from Mexico and Paul Taylor. D-Tek is most famous for his track Psychedelic Cowboy which he released on the Assassi:Nations compilation on TIP.World last year. The track you get here didn`t impress me much. Full on, but little new happens during the track. Johan Krafft from Logic Bomb finishes it all with a really good track. Something for you who love the Logic Bomb style.

This is a really good compilation! A lot of rare and good tracks on this one. Time & Space 1 was really good too, but no disappointment with nr. 2. Dimitri Nakov and Paul Taylor sure knows what to pick for a party.

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