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Review by PKS
The Etnica team give us more balearic sounds from Ibiza with the second part of Macao Cafe released on Etnicanet Records...

As most of you probably know, Etnica is two Italian guys living on Ibiza, the party island. On this island there is a café called Macao Café, where there is for sure a chilled vibe. Last year Etnica made a chill out compilation called Macao Café, released on their own label Etnicanet Records and the Japanese label Solstice Music. A collection of lounge music, very different from most psychedelic chill out. Now they are out with the second part pf the Macao Café series. You also get a little booklet with beautiful pictures from Ibiza that shows the island from a better side than the usual bars and tourists with bad behaviour.

Macao Café 2. Etnicanet Records 2002 (ET-006)

1. Etnica - Lingerie
2. Federico Baltimore & Sergio Mendoza - Make My Heart Beat
3. Lenny Ibizarre - All About The gin
4. Federico Baltimore - Alcyon
5. Sergio Mendoza - Ocean Drive
6. Etnica - Legends Of The Ocean
7. Eric Paque - Something About You
8. Jhon Die - Stone Cold
9. Shpongle - Around The World In A Tea Daze
10. P.S.O.I. - June
11. Solid World - No Regrets

You can say that the front cover says it all: Balearic Lounge Collection. The first track is probably the most beautiful on this compilation, but far away from psychedelic chill out. Very Balearic with a bit of vocal by Samantha Sharon. Usually the Etnica guys call themselves P.S.O.I. when they make music like this. The second track is a collaboration between Fredric Holyszewski (Dado, Deedrah, Synthetic) and Serge Souque (The Antidote, Total Eclipse). But don`t get fooled! This is pure Balearic music with almost only organic sounding instruments. Very jazzy. Track 3 is made my Lenny Ibizarre (Lenny Krarup) which have released a lot of more commercial sounding chill out. But here he fits right in with jazzy lounge music. Track 4 is a pure jazz track with a lot of trumpet. Dado shows again that he manages a lot of different styles. Serge Souque also shows what a musical talent he is with track 5. Again jazzy vibes with trumpet and dubby rhythms.

Etnica gives us track 6, which is a completely chilled ambient track. Very chilled and relaxing, but maybe a bit little varied and boring. Erik Paque is another one of those more commercial Ibiza guys, which fits right in with a very sexy Balearic track 7. Nice easy listening music. Track 8 is by Jhon Doe (Benjamin H. Buchbinder). He had a track on the first Macao Café too. The track we get here is not very good. Sounds a bit like Air, but not as good. Track 9 doesn`t really fit into this compilation, but it is a fantastic track, the best one one on this compilation. The Shpongle track Around The World In a Tea Daze (first released on the Shpongle album Tales Of the Inexpressible, Twisted 2001). Then we get a track by P.S.O.I. (Phuture Sound Of Ibiza), which is a side project by Etnica. This is a nice track that reminds me a bit of earlier chill out tracks by Etnica. The last track by Solid Worlds is a really beautiful finish with strings, piano and trumpet.

This compilation is for you who want to try out new kinds of music. It seems a bit easy to write the words; Balearic, Ibiza and lounge outside a cd these days. There are way to many compilations like this out already, but maybe the Etnica guys do it a little better, but I haven`t checked all those trendy chill out compilations lately.

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