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Bluetech "Elementary Particles + Prima Materia"

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Aleph Zero Records is a label based in Israel, run by Yaniv Shulman and Shahar Bar-Itzhak. The first release on this label came last year, which was the fantastic second album by Shulman. They focus on the psychedelic side of electronic chill out music. Now they are out with the second release on this label, which is a double album by an artist from the US (Oregon) called Bluetech (Evan Bluetech). Bluetech is an artist I have heard much good about, but I have never heard his music until now. And what a positive surprise to suddenly sit here with a double CD full of chilled goodies from this artist! You also get a really nice cover art with this release.

Bluetech "Elementary Particles + Prima Materia" Aleph Zero Records 2004 (AlephZ02)

CD1: Elementary Particles

1. Elementary Particles (Re-Edit)
2. Alchemie Dub
3. Cosmologic
4. Koinonea
5. Prayers For Rain (J. Views Remix)
6. Oleander
7. Worthy

CD2: Prima Materia

1. Leaving Babylon
2. Prophetic Sines
3. Triangle (Retriangulated)
4. Rubicon
5. Prayers For Rain (Dub Mix)
6. White Magnesia
7. 7th Phase Dub
8. Burning Waters
9. Mezzamorphic
10. Desperate Ends
11. Cliffdiving

The first track on CD 1 called Elementary Particles gives us a beautiful, totally relaxed start on this journey. Floating vibes, with slow, dubby beats, echoing sounds and some beautiful sounds forming into a melody. Definitely one of the most beautiful chill out tracks I have heard this year. Perfect opening on a chill out set. Track 2 starts with weird, psychedelic sounds. Then some relaxed dubby beats glide into the track together with reggae influenced sounds and other weird ingredients. Quite happy, smoked out chill out track. You also get a beautiful ethnic voice in there. Fantastic track with great variation of melodies, sounds and dubby effects. Track 3 goes back to a floating soundscape again. Relaxing, very electronic sounding melodies and a totally mystic, psychedelic vibe all the way through. Again we get great variation so we never get a boring moment. Track 4 goes the dubby direction again. Relaxing beats with a wonderful melody floating above. I love those playful sounds that jumps in and out of these tracks. Track 5 goes another direction. Here we get some kind if electronic jazz. This track is actually remixed by J. Viewz (Jonathan Dagan) from Israel, who is one half of the famous duo called Violet Vision. Pretty experimental jazzy vibe with a lot of great variation. Fantastic! Track 6 has a bit more melancholic vibe, still with fresh psychedelic sounds swirling and jumping in all the way through. The last track on CD 1 is a totally floating track with some eastern vibes. Very deep and mystic. What a great first CD!

CD 2 called Prima Materia starts with a beautiful, varied track. Very psychedelic all the way through, with fantastic sounds, great melodies and even some twisted vocals. Track 2 on the second CD goes darker and more mystic. A very deep sound with an eastern vibe written all over it. Totally relaxing. Track 3 is a nice journey of slow beats and mystic sounds, perfect for chilling out in the evening or at night. This track was originally made by Sounds From The Ground, but here we get a remix by Bluetech. Track 4 has a very floating vibe with dubby beats and weird melodies. Nice one. Track 5 is the jazz influenced track we got in CD 1, with relaxing, playful electronic piano etc. This is a more dubby version of it. Track 6 is a pretty happy chill track, with great melodies and funny little details. Music you can never get bored of. Track 7 has also got some dub ingredients, but also tons of beautiful sounds and melodies, including some relaxing guitar and flute in the middle. Great track. Track 8 has some intense, rolling melodies that remind me a little bit of Entheogenic. Quite psychedelic track. Track 9 is more experimental. Here we get thrown into really far out, weird, psychedelic soundscapes. Very mystic, almost scary sounds. Track 10 is another favourite on this album. Heavy, dubby beats and some fantastic sounds swirling around. The last track we get on CD 2 is a short little track that slows us totally down, with some very melancholic piano and floating sounds. A beautiful finish on the album.

With this release you get two CDís of fantastic chill out music for you listening. Great variation in and between the tracks on both CDís. Definitely one of the biggest surprises this year and for sure one of the best releases on the chill out marked. Recommended!
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