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Spirallianz "Stereopark"

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Wayan Raabe and Arne Scaffhausen is out with their second album on Spirit Zone Records. They are also known as The Delta together with one of the guys in X-Dream.

Spirallianz "Stereopark" Spirit Zone Records 2003 (SZ136)

1. Hide+Seek
2. Bitnapped
3. Patchfinder
4. The Fuser
5. Battlejuice
6. Stereopark
7. A23
8. Neurosport
9. Soulprint
10. In, Out/Thru

These guys usually make the border between techno and psytrance seem small. At least they do that with their Spirallianz project! The first track is a very techno influenced rolling track. Pretty minimal and little varied. Dark as always from these guys. Track 2 sounds a bit like The Delta, with a scary floating melody together with the dark pumping rhythms. In my ears much better than track 1. More varied, but still pretty minimal compared to most other psytrance music. Track 3 is a really jarring techno track. The rhythms are really pushing together with some very noisy sounds. As dark as it can get. Something for everybody who like techno. Track 4 is more varied and melodic. Still dark, but with some pleasant floating sounds in between the techno rhythms. This track sounds very much like The Delta.

Track 5 is even darker. Very floating, with sounds of violin. The track becomes really full on after a few minutes. Track 6 is really pumping and trancey, but still in a techno vibe. Track 7 starts pumping from beginning to end. This one is not trance at all. Pure driving techno. Track 8 is much more trancey, with more sounds and rolling trance rhythms. Track 9 is a really drifting intense trance track. My favourite track on this album! Floating melody and really drifting rhythms. The last track on this album is a chilled dubby track. This one is also dark with some noisy weird sounds. You can also find this track on the Global Psychedelic Chill Out 4 compilation released on Spirit Zone 2003.

This album is pretty good if you are into very techno influenced trance, but it is not as good as their earlier Spirallianz album and their Delta albums.

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